September Tasting Menu

September 22, 2017 7 arrival, meal starts at 7.30

9 course Tasting Menu


We are happy to present the menu for our next Tasting Menu on
Friday 22 September
Please do not be daunted by the number of courses.
Each course is small and well balanced,
and designed to surprise and delight you, leaving wishing you could
have just one more taste of that!
The Menu
Amuse bouche
  Crab and Lovage soup, pickled kolrhabi
Crisp spiced chicken with aioli
Black sesame and pea fondants
Smoked eel parfait, white soy dressing, seaweed
Roe deer fillet, spiced beetroot, savoury granola, oat air
Palate cleanser – iced vodka gazpacho
Stuffed red mullet, parmesan puree, artichoke, green olives
Burnt honey cream, liquid puff pastry, pears
Raspberries, white chocolate, basil