June Tasting Menu

June 28, 2024 7 for 7.30

June Tasting Menu


Join us for another of our luscious Tasting Menus.  Don’t be daunted by the number of courses, each course is designed to satisfy the senses without overfilling you, leaving you looking forward to the next course.

The events are very popular, so please don’t delay in booking.



Martini olive, salted almond, potato puff

Smoked haddock brandade, kedgeree mayonnaise

Pancetta and sweetcorn espuma, pancetta crisp

Oriental steak tartar, katsuobushi

Sea bass mosaic, garnished nori crouton, romesco puree

Gooseberry palate cleanser

Spiced duck magret, plum sauce, ‘stoned leg and foie confit’, spring onion, potato

Pecorini cheese, onion, lime

Roasted apricot sorbet, ginger crumble, mint yoghurt gel, ginger snap