Good Friday Seafood Dinner 30 March 2018


March 30, 2018 7.00 arrival. Meal starts at 7.30

Seafood Tasting Menu Good Friday 30 March

£59.50 per head

On Good Friday we are offering a Seafood Gourmet Night featuring
the best Seasonal Fish and Shell Fish.

Due to the complexity of the food, it is vital that we serve as one sitting,
so the meal will start at 7.30 pm, no exceptions.


Amuse bouche


Crab and mackerel salad, avocado, cucumber, micro herbs

, Sous vide rainbow trout,  crispy onion rings

and skin, mustard foam

Palate Cleanser – Rhubble

Fried bass chinese style, pak choi, sautéed potatoes,

garlic and soy mayonnaise,

Figs and gorgonzola

Blood orange served five ways, gingerbread

Mushroom truffles