COVID Precautions

It will be a little different from what was considered the ‘norm’ way back in March.

We still as much as possible want to make it a great eating experience for you, trying to retain that ‘Casson’s’ atmosphere that you all tell us you have missed. We assume all of you that have lived with this pandemic for the past few months will appreciate these guidelines. We have refrained from putting notices around the place and one-way signs as quite frankly we are not big enough to do this!

We have set out below what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. We have to assume that all of us after this time will have a high degree of common sense.

Our main aim is to keep to the social distancing guidelines. Whilst at the same time trying to maintain a high level of service.

Booking a table and what to do before you arrive.

  • As is our normal practice we will only accept pre-bookings. When booking please provide a telephone number. Guidelines are that we have to have a ‘Track and Trace, number. We will only use this number for ‘Track and Trace’ purposes, not for any marketinG
  • At the moment we are only taking bookings of tables up to six (6) covers. These tables of six must be either your family or within your social bubble.
  • We will not turnover tables during any service. They will only be used once to minimise risk.
  • We are not offering the option of outside dining as we cannot rely on the UK summer weather!
  • If you or any of your party have the slightest sign of symptoms, or contact recently with someone who has tested positive for Covid 19, please do not put yourself, our customers and staff at risk by coming to the restaurant.

What will happen when you arrive at Casson’s.

  • Please make use of the hand sanitizer station in the lobby on arrival.
  • Don’t be offended if we remain a safe distance from you when you arrive. We are really pleased to see you even if we are not allowed to show it!
  • Staff will be wearing suitable protective equipment when in proximity to customers and other staff members.
  • You will be temperature checked on arrival. We do reserve the right to refuse admission if your temperature falls outside the safe guidelines
  • We will take you to your table. There will be no option at the moment for pre-dinner drinks in the bar. There may be the option of drinks in the garden or the front patio. Weather permitting.
  • Tables will be a safe distance apart. They will have on the table, tissues, hand sanitizer sachets or bottles of hand sanitizer. If you would like a face covering at any time during your time with us please let us know.

Table Setting

  • The tables will not be laid for your arrival. Crockery, cutlery, condiments, glasses etc. will be delivered to your table as needed. We will place the crockery etc on your table but not lay it to minimise contact. All our crockery etc will have been washed and as required sanitized after use.


  • Menus will be ‘single use’ for your table only. They will remain on your table for the duration of the meal. They will be destroyed at the end of service. To minimise contact we would ask you if you are having a dessert to order it at the same time as your starters and mains.


  • There is a ‘single use’ wine list on your table featuring our most popular wines
  • We do have our full wine list. This will be sanitized before being given to you and also afterwards.
  • To minimise contact we will be opening wine away from your table. We will ensure it is drinkable, we will not be pouring wine for you to taste or ‘topping’ your wine up. We tend not to do this anyway, as we feel you drink wine at your pace, not the pace I think you should!


  • We would ask you to only go to the toilet individually. In the toilet you will find soap, antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer. You will also find only paper towels instead of cotton towels, as we are advised these are safer. Please adhere to the ‘20 second’ rule or ‘Happy Birthday’ when washing your hands!

Fresh Air ‘break’.

  • If you want to go out for some ‘fresh air’ we would ask you to keep a safe distance and please do not congregate around the restaurant entrance.


  • If you see someone that you may know in the restaurant, we would ask you to meet with them at a safe distance outside and not in the restaurant.

Paying your bill.

  • When you pay, the credit card machine will have been cleaned down between customers. We will ask you to complete the transaction to minimise contact. We are happy to accept cash, do not be offended if we handle it with gloves on. (Not because it is still wet!).


  • There are some advantages to these guidelines Cass will not be able to spent much time chatting with you!


  • Those of you that have been wearing masks will know that they can be a bit uncomfortable after a time. Staff may, when not in contact with customers, be able to have a ‘rest’ from wearing the mask.

Social Distancing

  • We have tried to make these guidelines easy to follow and we hope that you will not find them too onerous.
  • We take the safety of you, our staff and ourselves seriously.
  • We will have to live with these guidelines for some time. However we do hope that you feel that we have struck the balance between prudence and maintaining the Casson’s experience.

When you have gone.

  • The restaurant, crockery, cutlery etc. will be cleaned thoroughly after each service. 

We hope to see you again very soon.

The Casson’s Team