28 October Tasting Menu

We have created a unique tasting menu, each course a small focused dish using the finest possible ingredients.

We want you to experience a sense of surprise when you taste, and to think ‘wow’ and then it is gone, wishing you could have had another bit of that!

Do not be daunted by the number of courses, each is small and designed so that at the end of the meal you have had many flavours but are not over-faced.

The meal will start at 7.30 pm.  Arrival from 7 for your pre-dinner drinks and canapés

The Menu

Amuse Bouche

“Carbonara” Egg

Bass ceviche, fennel, herbs, yuzu

Chestnut, celeriac, truffle

Lobster, leek, white chocolate and mussel emulsion

Palate cleanser –  melon, shiso veil

Lamb, smoked aubergine, yoghurt, alliums, jus

Cherry, vanilla, hibiscus

Double lemon tart brulee, 

£75.00 per head inc Vat