Spring Tasting Menu Friday 11 May

pushed foie

May 11, 2018 7 for 7.30

Spring Tasting Menu 11 May


Join us for another of our fabulous Tasting Menus

Please do not be daunted by the number of courses.  Each course is small and well balanced, and designed to surprise and delight you, leaving wishing you could have just one more taste of that!


Amuse Bouche ~ Cucumber, mango, serveral aromatics, white gazpacho

Asparagus, egg yolk

Crab and malt

Pushed foie gras, sauternes

Crispy scallops, soy colesway

Palate cleanser – champagne, citrus

Rib eye beef, nasturtium, watercress, quinoa, bone marrow, jus

Parmesan cloud, fermented tomatoes

Strawberry and elderflower dessert