COVID closing

With the Government’s lifting of the lockdown for Restaurants, we have had a difficult decision to make as to what do we do on the 4th July. 

We do know many of you have missed us and thank you for all your good wishes during this period. Also thanks to those of you that have supported our take-way menu.

The government has published 43 pages of guidelines for us to follow. With restrictions on the number of tables, even with the one metre rule (which requires the installation of between-table screens) that cuts down our potential covers to 50% capacity, using the bar area as well. We could offer outside dining but we are wary of the vagaries of the British weather!

Assessing all of the costs and the potential risks to customers and staff we have decided to wait until the end of July and assess the situation again then. We are also conscious that where lock down measures have been relaxed around the world there is a risk of a ‘spike’. We want to open again, as we do miss you. We do feel that dining with us is an overall experience which would be severely hampered with the installation of screens, ppe and distancing. We would like to make it as good a dining experience as we can but will only open when we feel it ‘safe’ to do so.

We will be continuing our Take away service, re-branded as Dine out at Home, to include the options of canapés and petit fours.  We do hope you will continue to support us through this difficult time.